You are never too young!


The golfing environment has many important benefits which will appeal to any parent of a child. The fresh air and all weather exercise are an obvious good start (walking a nine hole golf course carrying a heavy golf bag is hard work!)

Particularly also in this day and age, time away from technology and being able to relax out of the classroom and school pressures are vital for a child's wellbeing. However, very important life lessons will unknowingly be picked up by a child who plays golf - patience, manners, concentration and discipline are all key atttributes which are essential on any golf course. Family bonding time is invaluable so having a mutual interest will tighten that bond.

Crieff Golf Club knows how important it is to keep the emphasis on fun because children quickly lose interest when something stops being fun. Our junior golf coaching focuses on the essential skills whilst keeping things enjoyable and entertaining.

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